Green Energy for a Green Future


There are still people who are harbouring the delusion that it is possible to solve problems like global climate change without making the transition to renewable energy. Green energy is an essential part of the solution for so many different reasons. Using fewer fossil fuels isn’t even going to be enough. People are going to need to maintain the lifestyles that they now take for granted, but they are going to need to power them in a way that is actually going to last.


Emissions and Green Energy

The greenhouse gas emissions that are currently causing global climate change could stop tomorrow and the planet would continue to become warmer for reasons that have to do with the physics and chemistry of the situation. However, actually reducing the release of greenhouse gases in the first place is a part of the process that cannot be denied. The trend is going to be significantly worse if humanity continues to pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. There is no technical reason why people must continue behaving in this manner. Green energy has already provided society with a stable alternative to the damaging and unsustainable fossil fuel system.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Green Energy

Many people will be keen on pointing out the fact that few forms of green energy are completely flawless. Solar energy requires a stable and efficient battery, or it is only going to be available intermittently, which is also the case for wind energy. Constructing hydro-power dams is expensive and difficult and limited according to one’s location, which can also be said for geothermal power. However, devising a system of green energy is all about making sure that society uses all of these sources of power, thus allowing society to get all of the strengths and weaknesses of these types of renewable energy.

All types of renewable energy will vary in terms of their efficiency and their availability. Using all of them at once is the logical course of action. Many theorists are proposing smart grids that will allow people to channel the energy garnered from all of these different sources in the right direction. People would have relatively the same lifestyles, except their energy would come from wind power, solar power, hydro-power, geothermal energy, and possibly nuclear power instead of the fossil fuels that they are currently using.


Green Energy and Sustainability

Even the people who still insist that global climate change is not happening, contrary to all of the evidence, should still remember that fossil fuels are on borrowed time. Peak oil has already passed, and falling oil prices are already having an economic effect worldwide. It makes sense to jump this sinking ship now in favour of the newer, shinier green energy that has already been available for centuries. Green energy itself has become much more efficient over the years, making it a much more viable alternative than it would have been decades ago. Society does truly have the technology to move forward in this regard.